The Science of Consequences

How They Affect Genes, Change the Brain, and Impact Our World

This Google map shows all the cities the book tour has taken me to.  I've given book talks in half the US states and 4 European nations!  Quite an experience.  

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Accepting a book award in front of
over 1000
© Criss Wilhite

Upcoming Events

Many events were canceled or postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.  Others went virtual!

Postponed: Watch for a new date

"Learning to Fight the Climate Crisis"
Cesar Chavez Library, Stockton, CA

September 4

"Behavior Analysis for Climate Action" - Virtual
Invited Address

International Congress
on Applied Behavior Analysis


November 8-10

"Toward Lasting Behavior Change: The Challenge of Persistence"

Behavior, Energy, & Climate Change Conference


November 13

"Behavior Analysis for Climate Action"

Psychology Department
California State University-Sacramento

The Book Tour - and Climate Change

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To arrange an event 
Please email me at
I am happy to speak about my book or about how behavior principles can help us fight the climate crisis.

The book tour has now included well over *140* events --talks, book signings, and interviews--from California to Maryland and Minnesota to Texas, and even Europe, including England and Scandinavia.  Schneider continues to speak regularly, about her book and about its applications to sustainability and climate change.

The Science of Consequences has been featured in:
the Seattle Science Lectures series, the Miami Book Fair, Baltimore's Central Library, San Francisco's downtown Books Inc store at Opera Plaza, Minneapolis's Weisman Art Museum, University of Maryland-College Park, Powell's Bookstore in Chicago, Reed College, and a host of other leading bookstores, libraries, and colleges and universities. Also a number of Osher Lifelong Learning Institutes, a birding conference, positive reinforcement animal training organizations, US Audubon chapters, a Rotary Club, a zoo, and two Science Cafes! Finally, Schneider has given many keynote and invited book presentations at scientific conferences around the US.
Schneider has spoken to over 1000 several times.

Additional selected book tour highlights are listed below.
Podcasts of some events are available
on the Reviews & Interviews page.

Audience Reaction

"Thank you so much for your fascinating talk at the Library today!  
The presentation was eye-opening, and I could tell the whole audience
was very engaged." - Sophie Young, Adult Programming Coordinator,
Main Library, Huntsville-Madison County Public Library, AL
"Your presentation was interesting and sparked wonderful questions and discussions with your audience" - Pamela Johnson,
Events Coordinator, Grass Roots Books & Music, Corvallis, OR
"Thanks again for being here—we'd love to have you back!"
- Stesha Brandon, Program Director, Town Hall Seattle
(on my talk in the Seattle Science Lectures series)
Anonymous course evaluation comments, Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, University of North Florida:
"The Topic was fascinating and the speaker beyond brilliant! . . . She left me wanting to learn more about this fascinating subject."

"Would LOVE to have more study hours on this topic! . . . I was fascinated by her lecture style. She encouraged us to ask questions."

"She covered the topics and made me more interested in each one!"
Anonymous course evaluation comments, ClickerExpo 2014 - positive reinforcement animal training, West Coast edition (the Queen Mary in Long Beach):
". . . I also LOVED Dr. Susan Schneider's keynote presentation and closing session. She was fantastic. I bet everyone who meets her (in addition to being in awe), walks away feeling like she could be a friend!"

"Dr. Susan Schneider was charming, and I very much enjoyed her keynote presentation. Thank you, Dr. Schneider!"

"Dr. Susan Schneider gave a great presentation and she is a very engaging and entertaining speaker, and did a great job of keeping the audience entertained with her sense of humor."

"Susan Schneider's talk at the dinner was really interesting. I loved the kind and articulate way she handled questions afterwards too."

Additional Selected Highlights

Virginia Festival of the Book
Common Good Books (Garrison Keillor's bookstore), St. Paul, MN
Iceland Psychological Association
Auburn University
Eugene Public Library
Haven Humane Society, Anderson, CA
Southshore Regional Library, Tampa
Jacksonville University Park Library
University of Florida
University of Kansas
Sundance Books, Reno, NV
Books Inc-Palo Alto, CA
University of Washington
Invited address, Tenth Anniversary Celebration of Behavior Analysis Graduate Program,
Oslo Akershus University College, Norway
Lodi Science Museum
Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, University of South Florida
Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, Northwestern University
Keynote address, Massachusetts Association for Applied Behavior Analysis,
Keynote address, New Jersey Association for Behavior Analysis
Keynote address, Berkshire Assoc for Behavior Analysis & Therapy
Invited address, Florida Association for Behavior Analysis
Carleton College, MN
Invited Address, Central Valley Birding Symposium
Keynote address, Association of Professional Behavior Analysts
Keynote Address, Art and Science of Animal Training conference, TX 
and lots more!

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At downtown Baltimore's
Enoch Pratt Central Library
© Jack Young "GraphicJack"
(who also created the poster)

Recent Highlights:  Book/Climate Change Talks

May 28-31 -Virtual

"Behavioral Barriers to Climate Sustainability: A Challenge
to Our Field"
Chair, Panel Discussion
Association for Behavior Analysis: International
May 4 -Virtual

"No Birdbrains Here: The Latest on Bird Learning, Instinct, and Intelligence"
Kern Audubon Society
April 24 -Virtual

Invited Address:  "Behavior Analysis for Climate Action"
Kansas Association for Behavior Analysis
April 19 -Virtual

"No Birdbrains Here: The Latest on Bird Learning, Instinct, and Intelligence"
Morro Coast Audubon
Link to video
March 18 -Virtual

"Learning to Fight the Climate Crisis"
Sacramento Audubon
Here's a link for the recording: Sac Audubon program
February 4, 2021 -Virtual

Presentation, Sustaining Pacific Team Meeting
University of the Pacific Sustainability Program
October 7-9, 2020 -Virtual

Invited Address: "Behavior Analysis for Climate Action"

BABAT Conference
Berkshire Association for Behavior Analysis & Therapy, Massachusetts
October 17-18 -Virtual

Invited Address: "Behavior Analysis for Climate Action"

Nevada Association for Behavior Analysis
September 3-4 -Virtual

Plenary:  Interdisciplinary Behavior Analysis and the Future of our Field
Invited: Behavior Analysis for Climate Action

ABPMC: Brazilian Meeting of Psychology and Behavioral Medicine
April 23, June 25, TWO on July 28 - All (you guessed it) virtual

Learning to Fight the Climate Crisis

Rotary chapters:   Lodi, Manteca (two chapters), and Stockton (Brookside-Sunrise)
May 23-25 -Virtual

Invited Panel with Alan Kazdin, distinguished Sterling Professor at Yale University
"Behavior Analysis in the Domain of Psychology" - making interdisciplinary connections

Association for Behavior Analysis: International
May 5

Learning to Fight the Climate Crisis -Virtual
Link to view webinar
March 10 - just got this in-person event under the wire before covid 19
"No Birdbrains Here: The Latest on Bird Learning, Instinct, and Intelligence"

Fresno Audubon Society
Fresno, CA
December 2019

"The Struggle for Climate Sustainability:
Finding a Route Forward"
University Arts & Ideas Lecture 
Framingham State University, MA
October 2019: a climate workshop and a book talk in London and Oxford, UK

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