The Science of Consequences

How They Affect Genes, Change the Brain, and Impact Our World


Consequences are everywhere, including on the Web. Here are a few selected websites and blogs from among a multitude of worthy e-resources--educational, entertaining, or both.



Here's an accessible article (a pdf) by Pitzer College Professor David Moore on the systems approach to nature-and-nurture:

I cited David's excellent book The Dependent Gene in The Science of Consequences.

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Yale Professor and parenting book author Alan Kazdin's blog entries for from 2008 to 2010 are uniformly helpful, enjoyable, and soundly research-based. Most are coauthored with Carlo Rotella.

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Entrepeneur and author Aubrey Daniels' blog
on positive management:


Association for Science in Autism Treatment:

Animal Training and Enrichment

                Both of these sites cover positive reinforcement-based methods for horses, fish, and a variety of other animals. (Yes, dogs too.)

There's a library of useful articles (and much more) on pioneer Karen Pryor's website:

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Mary Hunter blogs about clicker training. Don't miss Mary's re-post of Barbara Ray's contribution elsewhere about the hermit crabs that spontaneously began asking for training sessions. (Yes, hermit crabs.)

Animal Training Videos

There are so many fantastic positive-reinforcement-based videos
that I had a hard time restricting myself to two. Enjoy!

Fernando Silva's impressive young "clicker sheep" learning targeting, then handling canine agility obstacles with aplomb:
Link here

"Useful Dog Tricks 2 performed by Jesse the Jack Russell Terrier"
- clicker training by Heather Brook, a 21-year-old clicker wizard who studied Karen Pryor's website (above).

It's amazing what the agility trainers do with positive reinforcement - and the dogs love it.  Just search online and enjoy.  

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